Service Updates



UK Service Bulletin

Eid Celebrations 2018 - Monday 18th June

Please be advised that as the Eid celebrations commence there will be likely delays in postcodes B10.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update as necessary

International Service Bulletin

Argentina General Strike (25th June - 26th June)

Applies to those customers who use Air Express, Air Classic and International Mail.

Please be advised Argentina has announced a general strike in country. No clearance or deliveries will take place on Monday 25th June 2018.

Normal services are expected to resume on Tuesday 26th June.

1st July 2018

Tax Information - Introduction of GST for low value items to Australia

Applies to those customers who use DPD Direct, Air Express and Air Classic.

Please be aware that the Australian Taxation Office has confirmed that it plans to introduce new rules around the capture of Goods Sales Tax from 1st July 2018.

This GST would only apply to retailers whose turnover within Australia is more than AU$75,000 per annum. 

It is the responsibility of the retailer to confirm whether they are liable for this tax and register with the Australian Taxation Office if needed.

They must then capture this GST from consumers at checkout for all low value shipments (under AU$1,000).

Please see the attached pack which acts as guidance of these changes, this should not be considered as a substitute for the services of professional tax advisers. 

DPD will be making the necessary changes to our operation to allow retailers to be compliant however, we would recommend that retailers engage professional tax advisers to discuss the impact of this change on their business. 

International Bank Holidays Schedule

Please find in the PDFs below, a list of DPD Classic and DPD Express destinations and their Bank Holiday dates for April - June 2018. Please note that an asterix (*) denotes a regional Bank Holiday.